We created Eco-moja foods to provide and supply the best organic foods to communities around the world.
We believe that you become what you eat, and again organic foods provides you with the best health and best taste.

Healthy benefits of eco-moja products.

  • They heal and restore your health.
  • They prevent obesity, cancer and heart attack.
  • They prevent depression and reduce anxiety
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Promotes healthy immune system
  • Provides natural energy
  • Gluten free

The social impact we create,

We source eco-moja produce direct from local organic farmers, we help them finding markets in order to sell their produce.
Each sell we make, after paying our costs and the staff, the rest of the revenue goes back to the original organic farmer, using mobile money transfer system.

With this system, organic farmers can afford school fees for their children, access to electricity using solar energy, access to clean
water, health care, proper sanitation, shelter, protecting the environment and reducing climate change.

Shop eco-moja foods and make a difference

Eco-moja organic foods is committed to supply you the best and highest quality, with affordable priced produce on the market.

 Most importantly, it’s always 100%raw and organic, plant based, gluten free, no additives or chemicals, organically grown and ethically sourced. Enjoy the taste.


Our mission

“Our mission is to help support and supply organic foods to consumers all over the world in order to create a continuously sustainable, happy and healthy living to every person on earth.”

Our story

The annual damage due to food loss/food waste is estimated to be 200-400$ in East-Africa alone.

If we could save half of these, we could sell 80% of the organic food

and create another 100 million jobs in Africa alone.

We, therefore, need to act now and eradicate this problem once and for all.