Our vision

Our vision is to contuniously engage organic farmers access market, without ever loosing their produce again. Continuously supply organic foods, fruits and vegetables to the world in order for the world to stay healthy, have good taste and longevity.

Our goals

To increase income opportunities and enhance economic freedoms of over 5 million organic farmers across EastAfrica and Africa at large. Supply the world with organic foods, fruits, vegetables and other items.

Our business model

  • Business to business ( b2B).
  • Business to consumer ( B2C).

Our values.

  • Provide useful information.
  • Safe and healthy environment
  • Access market.
  • Add income & training opportunities.

Theory of change

Our 50 person design team comprise 60% of women, Based in kenya and uganda they fabricate packaging system suitable to EU, UK, and other international market demands. We use modern transport system to transport the produce to markets all over the world. After the sell, we re-invest part of the profit we make back to the communities, to help combart climate change, deteriorating environment, poverty and hunger.

Join us

  • We welcome you to our journey of organic living
  • Eco-moja fresh foods 100% organic
  • We empower organic farming, keeping the soil green
  • Our business support and supply organic foods, fruits and vegetables.
  • The quality of our produce and packaging is suitable to that of international standards and requirements.
  • Our whole produce is organically grown, locally sourced, produced and gulten free.
  • No additives, no pasteurisation, no high pressures and no chemicals added.
  • Enjoy our original taste, it’s delicious and fresh.
  • It’s 100% raw, original and 100% natural